Using stories to go from Insights to Sales

Using stories to go from Insights to Sales

Using stories to go from Insights to Sales

Feb 21, 2023

Feb 21, 2023

Sales teams, it's time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to boosting sales. Yes, we all know the tried and true methods of reaching potential customers and marketing products...but what if there was a way to take your insights further with storytelling? By utilizing this unique technique you can let consumers know that they're more than just purchasing an item - they are joining a journey. A journey where you create deeper connections with each customer individually by leveraging the power of storytelling! Read on to learn how tapping into people's emotions can help drive sales up in stunning fashion.

In order to keep up with rapid shifts in the market, companies must be agile and employ their scale efficiently. By combining accurate data-driven insights from diverse teams into actionable strategies, organizations can achieve true success that was once considered unattainable. Embracing this approach is key to unlocking a bright future!

67% of well-formulated strategies fail due to poor execution

The ability to balance the vast insights that we can generate with the action we can drive inside the organization- when and where it matters most- is how we can shift towards value creation and optimal business performance.

To do this you need to achieve the following:

1. Relive the moments that matter

Transformative moments abound in business. When meetings, projects and status updates lock into place they suddenly become powerful anchors of insight that can be used to confidently drive sales teams forward. These are the vital spark-points where knowledge fuses with stories!

2. Identify the right mindset

As you enter each of these moments, your brain triggers a mindset that offers a pre-held belief or thought — a natural frailty of the human condition. But this mindset significantly influences our behaviors in these moments when they are presented to us. In other words, our mindsets directly influence these moments that matter and how we close the gap between insights and action.

Shockingly, recent studies have reported that 71% of managers cannot pick their own strategy out of a multiple-choice selection of six strategies.

So what? We must continuously ask ourselves;

  • Which mindset will unlock the collective intelligence of the team and break silos of insights and experience?

  • Which mindset will allow us to challenge our assumptions and strongly-held beliefs about this business topic?

  • Which mindset will push us to think about not what happened yesterday but what is going to happen tomorrow?

To change how you show up in key moments, it’s critical to raise self-awareness and look out for when we exhibit constructive behaviors and behaviors that are holding us back.

3. Create a risk free environment for your team

In so many walks of life — weddings, sport, theater, even military operations- we rehearse. This provides a risk-free environment for us to learn and practice. Yet in business we revert to a content-first approach which rarely triggers action.

Can you remember the last time you actually did something after reading an insight?

The best way to engage customers to a path where they shift from insights to sales is through stories. Here, we can take our customers on a journey through change, tension connection, value... and customers can make the shift from insights to action and gain clarity as to what they need to do next.

In summary

Engaging storytelling can be the key to sparking creativity and inspiring customers into action. Insight-driven stories provide a connection that helps turn potential buyers into loyal fans of your brand!

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