Tell smarter stories

Tell smarter stories

Tell smarter stories

Feb 24, 2023

Feb 24, 2023

In an increasingly complex and rapidly changing modern business environment, companies are facing immense pressures that have the potential to threaten their success. Adapting quickly is essential for businesses to not just survive but thrive in this new era of disruption - where blue-chip giants can become penny stock overnight if they do not act fast enough. To succeed long-term, organizations must unlock their people's creative power by investing in insights and sharing intelligent stories with customers while innovating faster than ever before. Making adaptive capability a team priority at scale may be the key to building resiliency against any future obstacles ahead .

The game is changing

Organizations that want to become strategic partners must bridge the often-separate sales and insights teams in order to craft compelling stories fueled by meaningful data. By moving customers towards you as a trusted advisor, your team can leverage unique insights with maximum impact.

Closing the gap between business and insights teams - inject business value into the story!

In my book Seeing Around Corners I share experiences of working in a highly complex environment on Military operations in Afghanistan.  Here, surfacing relevant information to front line teams to support decision making and inspire action was of critical importance.  

This is not about dashboards and data visualization!  Rather, providing analytics teams with the context of the business challenge and allowing them to explore and find the best solution.  What decision needs to be made, when and against a clearly defined value comes from the quality of interaction between business and insights teams.  

Clarifying the context behind the story and the growth opportunity, builds trust between domain and insights teams.

Helping teams ask better questions 

This isn’t about hiring a room full of MBAs and asking them to come up with the next great idea or question that we need answered.  Nor is it about staging an innovation offsite where we all get together and ask ourselves what we need to know or death by a thousand post-it-notes.  Rather, this is about writing stories where teams are formulating the right business themes to explore against and are then supported  with the right skills and technology to uncover the gaps in their understanding against this theme.  Here, teams move from “what do we need to do?” towards “what do we need to know?”. Then we go to insights.

Unleash the power of cognitive diversity to uncover insights, drive creativity and maximize business potential. By inviting varying perspectives from members with different backgrounds and expertise into teams - it is possible to formulate stories that extend beyond 'what do we need to do?'. This helps establish a balance between analytical thinking and creative ideas which will become essential for success in any sales scenario.

Breaking insights silos

Leaders need to foster an environment of collaboration where teams can share their insights and stories, unlocking the valuable potential within those ideas. With cutting edge AI technology, this process is now easier than ever before - allowing organizations across various areas to reap the rewards!

Seeing Around Corners

IBy embracing the power of teamwork and data-driven insights, you'll be able to capitalize on fresh opportunities. Rather than being held back by outdated command and control approaches, develop a discovery-oriented mindset that will lead your enterprise into new realms of innovation. Collaborating with those teams within your network creates an ecosystem for sharing valuable knowledge - enabling enhanced storytelling capabilities in customer selling scenarios!

see6 is an AI enabled platform that helps sales teams transform their insights into compelling stories to grow sales